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I am Grey Peacemaker #26 from cardid 9 and I welcome you to the Alien Worlds Community portal. With our intention to bear and foster peace, it is my focus to connect you to community, explorer and planetary citizen art and promotions. Inspiration and connection is my primary mission. View community news and useful resources to play and monitor the game, but to also engage in game experiences added on top of the game. May peace be with you during your exploration.  

- GP26/9 https://t.me/alienworldscommunity

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About Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a simulation of Earth's economy. In this game, your imagination is your best tool Alien Worlds Syndicates is the third game in the Alien Worlds Metaverse where you can run for office or submit proposals for custodians to approve, granting Trilium (TLM) to players who want to create and build the Alien Worlds ecosystem.

Explore the Planets

There are six Planets in Alien Worlds: Planet Eyeke, Planet Kavian, Planet Magor, Planet Naron, Planet Neri and Planet Veles. Each has unique attributes, a variety of land types and evolving lore. Hop in your spaceship and let's go explore the Planets! Games throughout the Alien Worlds Metaverse are the engines of growth in this economic simulation. Play for game tokens and use them to vote, govern and create throughout the ecosystems so you and your communities can thrive!

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Run for Office

Thirty  positions are available across six Planets. Is leadership in your future? 

Apply to become a planetary Custodian.

Vote for Custodians

Who represents your values? Vote for two custodians on each Planet each week.

 Choose your leaders on the Planets.

Propose Your Ideas

Request Custodians submit a proposal on your behalf to build in the Metaverse. 

Submit requests for support .




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