The Metaverse

Creating the Metaverse Together

The Metaverse is an imaginary fabric of social connections floating above Earth, connecting through wormholes, portals and whatever concepts we create. In this game, your imagination and creativity are our best tools. Using open-sourced, decentralized blockchain technology combined with creativity, communities create experiences for games, events, social media and rewards. Let's play! 

Explore Planets

Let's hop in a spaceship and head out to the Metaverse to play and create. Let's head over to Exoplanets and see what's happening there. Let's visit six Planets in the Metaverse: Planet Eyeke, Planet Kavian, Planet Magor, Planet Naron, Planet Neri and Planet Veles. Each has unique attributes, a variety of land types and evolving lore. Hop in your spaceship and let's go explore the Planets! Games throughout the Metaverse are the engines of growth in this economic simulation. Play for game tokens and use them to vote, govern and create throughout the ecosystems so you and your communities can thrive!   Explore  more...