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Planetary DAOs

We hear Planetary DAOs are coming. Are you planning a strategy for taking over one or more Planet? What will you do with the Trilium, if you are one of five Planetary Councilors who chooses what to do during a week? Will you give it to the miners, the stakers, the Missions players, a community fund., or something else? Let us know in the chats.

JR's Lands Adds NFTs to Players Each Hour

JR owns 191 lands in Alien Worlds and has partnered with communities to drop NFTs on the first miners each hour. In addition, winners get a different circus NFT each week, from JR's Lands Circus. To learn more visit www.jrslands.com and to see the upcoming drops, visit the Drops page.

"I'm new, what do I do?"

New players are welcomed to check out www.workshop.games Zoom calls where new and experienced blockchain games players gather to share their experiences, information and ideas and sometimes NFT to help new players get started. To get a free pass for newbies, visit Lisa's Coffee Shop on Telegram @lisascoffeeshop or @lisachandler on Twitter and request a free a workshop pass with your free virtual coffee.

Tour Metaverse Communities

Find some of the Metaverse's communities and where they gather online by visiting the player communities listed here.

Welcome Explorers!

I am Grey Peacemaker #26 from cardid 9 and I welcome you to the metaversal.community portal.

With our intention to bear and foster peace, it is my focus to connect you to community, explorer and planetary citizen art and promotions. Inspiration and connection is my primary mission.

View community newsand useful resources to play and monitor the game, but to also engage in game experiences added on top of the game.

May peace be with you during your exploration.

- GP26/9

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