About Proposals to Planets

Six Planets are inviting community members to submit requests for support. There are five custodians on each of the six planets (sometimes they are the same people). Each custodian can submit a proposal for a community member. If three of the five custodians vote to approve the proposal, the Trilium is automatically transferred to your account. How do you request that custodians submit a proposal for your idea/project? Here is one way... note, it's not super straightforward, but it will become more so as community members build out the ecosystem of each Planet.

What Should I Submit?!

Consider how what you are doing could connect to the Planets' ecosystems. Artist? Add a template with the Planet to your collection and give some away in an event? Governing? Use your methods in an experiment for the Planet. Media? How could you support the Planets with your efforts? In this simulation of Earth's economy, your imagination is your guide!

About The Form for Submitting Ideas

This is ONE form (not the only form) where you can submit a public request for a proposal to be submitted the custodians of the Planets. NOTE: You still need to go to the custodians of each planet (visit Telegram in the @planet[name] groups) to ask them to look at the proposal, and if they agree, to SUBMIT IT IN THE PLANETS DAO INTERFAC. Your proposal cannot be voted on unless a custodian submits it to the official Planet interface. This form is meant to be a way to share that information publicly and easily for convenience. (We anticipate it will be moved out of Google Forms, but for now, it provides a public report, so is useful.)

How to Submit a Request Using The Google Form

Consider your project/s and how they  may want to connect to, represent or become a part of the ecosystem of the Planets or a specific Planet. Review the information on the form, complete the proposal template (if desired) and submit via the form.

1. See a sample proposal template (optional)

2. View recently funded proposals and custodians here 

3. Submit the Google Form

4. Reach out to custodians to ask for review and to submit and vote for your proposal.

Additional Information

Custodians and the Public can view the results of this form, which are requests for proposals to be submitted here: 

and in the Community Ideas section of 

Note: requests are not time-sensitive unless noted, so future custodians can look at submissions for consideration, as well.

Proposal Idea Template

Created by Anders / Anyobservation
To use this template to help you craft your proposal idea, use the template information below as your outline. Copy and paste it into a Google document and set the settings to public. Once ready, get the Share link and include it in the description of the Google Form for submitting ideas. Also use the link to post in public groups and direct messages to Custodians to ask for their support for your proposals. Advocate to Custodians to submit to their planets as a proposal and vote. You only need 3 votes on any Planet for it to automatically send you the Trilium from that Planet.
Proposal NameName of the project.
Proposal Overview - The TLDRThe TLDR summary of the proposal, what you want to do, how you plan to do it, and what you need to enable it.
Project Objective - The What & WhyWhat do you want to achieve with your project?
Project Specifications - The HowA detailed breakdown of your project.
Project Milestones - The WhenBreak down your project in one or multiple milestones, they can also be tied to requested payments.
The Requested FundingHow much do you request for your project?
Team Information - The WhoInformation and links to your Project website(s) and social media accounts. As well as information on the key people behind your project.